Sylvia's '39
1939 Master Deluxe

My husband bought me this car because I wanted
a 1939 to represent the year my mom was born.
I'm really pleased with all the work he has done to it.

We love old classic cars and putting events together as
you  can see here on my pages.  We organized the cars for
the San Francisco 49ers event and many more.  
We help the homeless and other less fortunate people.

R I P Grandma "Tita"
R I P Grandpa

I recall the time you told me about people being
poor or people needing help.......

In Spanish you would say....
Today it is them and tomorrow it could be us.

You would gladly give your last dollar If
someone needed it.  You were always a
compassion, giving, wise and kind woman.  

I love and miss you so much.  They say each
year the pain gets easier from missing you, but
so far it has not been true.  

te amo con todo mi corazon
Mom, my cousin Terry and I.
Grandma looking cool
and beautiful.
Mom and dad renewing their
vows.  We had the honer to be
their Maid of Honer and Best Man.
Uncle Alfred
Mom and Dad.
Uncle Tony, Grandma, Mom, Dad and Sabrina
My husband Tony
Grandma, one of my BEST
FRIENDS...I miss you everyday.

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1939 Chevrolet Master Deluxe Front View
1939 Chevrolet Master Deluxe - Sylvia's '39 "Y Que"
From the March, 2011 issue of Lowrider
By Humberto "Two Tonz" Mendoza

1939 Chevrolet Master Deluxe Front View

Back in the days of her youth, Sylvia Martinez and her group of friends would always
go out to La Raza Park in San Jose, CA. At that time, everyone  would go out to the park
with their ride; it was simply the place to be.  While there were plenty of custom beauties
on hand, the cars that would always catch Sylvia's eye were always the Bombs.
"I like the Bombs. To me,  the sun visor always completes the classic look of a Bomb," says Sylvia with a smile.
When Sylvia first met her husband-to-be, Tony "Big Daddy" Martinez, he would pick her up in his dad's 1950 Chevy Truck.
"It wasn't all fixed up at all. It looked more like the truck from Sanford and Son," she says with a chuckle. On September 4th, 1976,
Sylvia and Tony got married. That same year, Tony restored the Chevy truck himself, including the paint and upholstery.

While Sylvia's has always been a big fan of Bombs, the one that she's always wanted was the '39. "That's the year my mother was
born," she notes. "I wanted to dedicate a car in her memory for all that she did for me." In 2003, she got that chance after Tony
bought Sylvia her dream car, a 1939 Chevy Master Deluxe. Even though the car was in good shape, Tony began stripping the car down
inside and out. He also spent the next two years buying a lot of the accessories from swap meets and eBay, and in that short window
of time, Sylvia's dream car was fully refurbished. "One of my fondest memories is helping my husband put it together," she says

1939 Chevrolet Master Deluxe Badge

Tony and a few friends started up a car club called Blvd. Bombs in San Jose.
The club now has a chapter in Sacramento. What the club lacks in membership, it more than
makes up in personality, as this ten-member club is filled with genuine people. "I couldn't love
them any more if they were my own family," explains Sylvia.

In 2007, a website called was started to allow the club to post up details about
the many events that they throw. "Our mission is to help the less fortunate; homeless people,
children, and others," Sylvia states. In November, the club had a Show and Shine at the
Berryessa Flea Market in San Jose, which helped them purchase blankets and water for the
homeless. They put together a tote bag with coats, socks, gloves, beanies, and much more to
deliver directly to the homeless. "Some of these homeless people have been in the service and
lost their jobs. It could happen to anyone," explains Sylvia. The club also purchases turkeys for
Second Food Harvest and gathers a lot of toys for Toys for Tots. In addition, they donate money to
Eastridge Little League and escorted their parade. "We donated to Latinas Contra Cancer and we
were a proud part of their Mother's Day Walk, in which we also displayed our vehicles," Sylvia beams. If you're interested, please log
on to her page,, and support her and her club in all that they do for the community.

Sylvia would like to thank her husband, Tony "Big Daddy" Martinez, her Blvd. Bombs club members, and her daughters Sabrina,
Melissa, and Jessica.
Bombs 1939 Chevrolet Master Deluxe. Aside
from Lowriding, Sylvia and the Blvd. Bombs
are also willing to do what they can to help
the less fortunate. - Lowrider Magazine

R I P Grandma "Tita"
Grandma -
Leona Molina
Grandma, I love you with all my heart
and soul.  I miss you and I think of
you with every breath I take.
Grandma & Mom