Boulevard Bombs Foundation & Blvd BombS
Making A Difference!
and Lucy for their hard
work in collecting coats.
Boulevard Bombs Foundatin & Blvd BombS Car Club distributes tote bags which
toothbrush kit, fleece blankets and more.  The homeless people are grateful for their
coats, food, tote bags and conversations, for the moment they are happy and
appreciate everything.  Some have lost their homes, jobs, wife, husband.  Some people
were in the service and when they returned home they were unable to find a job, etc..  
Some homeless are sick, drug attics or alcoholics.  Regardless what their reasons are
for being homeless, we cannot ignore them, they are all human beings.  The little help
we as a community can give them will help them through the day, the rain.  
Don't judge people based on their outward appearances or life circumstances.  

Thank you for your support and donations, we could not do this without you.  
12/22/07 ----Took coats and blankets to a Park for the homeless and a few needy people.  
Thank you to Debra "Deb"  Coffman for the coats and  for the  five gift cards.  They were given
Thank you to everyone that donated coats.  All the people there were so grateful and enjoyed
shopping for a coat.  They had a smile on their faces and there was one homeless man that
was singing and dancing.

A special thank to Hospice of the Valley.  Not only did they help me when my grandma went to
heaven but this is the second year they donated a HUGE amount of coats.  Thank you to
Carlene Schmidt for bringing them to us again.  

The sad part about today was not only seeing the homeless but last year we had less coats
and had extras.  This year we had a lot more coats and  we did not have any left.  It is getting
worse instead of better.  

Thank you to everyone that helped. and Alex & Gina donated
blankets too--Thank You!
December 2007
On Saturday, December 13, 2008 we went to Saint James Park
to distribute coats, blankets, bottle water, burgers and cookies
to the homeless and needy people.
Thank you again for your help and support!
December 2008
December 2009
Each tote bag has a bottled water, beanie cap, gloves, rain poncho, three pairs of white socks, umbrella, blanket and candy.
Helping the homeless.
December 2010

Helping the homeless.
December 2011
December 2012
December 2013
This evening we went out in the rain to take sleeping bags and tote bags filled with gloves, umbrellas, beanie caps, white socks and bottle
before Christmas there was a homeless camp on Tully Road. Today there was only one person, the others had gone to other locations. My
husband Tony (Big Daddy) and I stopped by the homeless person's tent and called out to the person saying Is anybody home? The man
said, yes sir. Big Daddy asked him how many of you are in there? The man said, one sir.  Big Daddy told him you don't have to call me sir,
I'm not the police. Big Daddy told him, I'll be right back we have some goodies for you. The man not knowing what we had for him was I pray
Thank you again, to everyone that supports our fundraiser shows.
When I saw the man it brought tears to my eyes. We complain how cold it is inside our house, then we put the heater on.
December 2014
Lost pictures.  
Blvd BombS 9th Annual Donate A Coat Drive is always rewarding.   Thank you to everyone that donated
coats.  The people truly appreciate the food, coats, etc.. Most of all they appreciate the compassion that
we give them.  The stories they share are heartbreaking. One veteran told me they are treated like 3rd
Thank you so much to Xavier, Lesa and their wonderful daughters for all their help.  They did an amazing
job and you were a life saver.  Not only did they help hand out the coats and food, they also helped filling
the tote bags.
Richard, thank you so much for always helping, especially when you're not feeling well.  
December 2015
December 2016
Making A Difference!  
Xavier Gonzales!
December 2017
December 2018
December  2019