*Thank you to everyone that attended the 50' Party.
Your presence meant everything to us.   

*Thank you to all our sponsors, your donations were
greatly appreciated.  And thank you to everyone that helped with
the party.

*Thank you to Albert R and Deb for your cash donations.

*Thank you to Evie for donating back her 50/50’s winnings,
you have a big heart.  

SPECIAL THANKS to two great bands, Kool Katz
and The Elements.   Words cannot express how much we
appreciate you coming to San Jose to perform.

Interview With Dave from CBS Eye On The Bay
Blvd BombS 1st Fundraiser 50's Party
1st Annual 50's Party
Fundraiser  09/06/2008
Together we can make a difference.

Thank you to everyone that made this possible!!
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